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Grounded, Unmounted

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Exhibition Poster 

"The Book of Meng Jiang" will be presented at Chapter House, Christ Church College, Oxford from 7 to 9 March, 2023. 

​‘The body that resonates does so in its own way.’ -Jean-Marie Gleize

‘Grounded, Unmounted’ is a group show that unites the twisting, twining and overlapping roots of three artists’ resonating practices. Situated within a space where nothing can be hung up or mounted - no nails, no hooks - it allows your transient footsteps to make their mark instead.

The display chooses to adorn the checkered floors of an 800-year-old building, revealing playful facets that explore the cultural manifestations of *Dino Zhang*’s installation, or impart a thought-provoking reflection on alternative mediums in *Yuri Hwang*’s work. Or perhaps you will allow the uncanny to guide you in *Anna Du Toit*’s fleshy world. So please, take the time to wend your way through this mix of text, film, and sculpture from the Ruskin’s very own, and mount for us an indelible memory.

Exhibition view at Chapter House, Christ Church College, Oxford 

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