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Feng Huo Tai

2020, Performance With Sculpture, Size Variable


This artwork is an online performance combined with sculpture. The Great Wall, with various passes, including Yang Guan, was the defense system and the country border of ancient China. It was constructed in the 13th century and with the change of the borderline, it was left there unused and unchanged since then. It is generally collapsing and vanishing. The form of this work is created based on the watchtowers. I used myown breathe to fill 150 balloons with the air I exhaled out of my body. The building of this work and the laying of the balloons is similar to the construction of the wall, engaging body and energy. With the music played by Guqin, it is to be presented that the tower was deconstructed generally, indicating the collapse and vanish of the borderline happening at this moment.


The work talks about history and memories. The music is a recall to the past. How important is the past and history? How was it to have different races on each side of the wall? How does it feel to see a vanished border which means a mixture of races? I had a feeling of nostalgia.

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