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The Book of Meng Jiang

2023, Installation, Two-Channel, 19' 28, HD video, stereo sound, Plaster, Paper, Wood, Size Variable

Installation view at Christ Church College, Oxford as part of the exhibition ‘Grounded, Not Mounted’, 2023

The film focuses on a Chinese mythical character, Lady Mengjiang(孟姜女). Firstly appeared in the chronicle Zuo Zhuan during Spring and Autumn Period, the narration has been altered and improvised due to the social norm and political principles accordingly. Within the feudal and patricentric structure, the literates and historians have portrayed Lady Mengjiang with their expectations of a contra-sexual, and divine-like figure in compliance— she wept towards her husband, collapsed the Great Wall, and sacrificed her life by diving into the river. Consequently, by comparing each storyline throughout generations and regions, collectivity in China is thus portrayed by picturing a society reflected in morality, culture, and history. 


In the film, the protagonist encounters this mythical story in daily life. Under investigation and questioning the connection between the character and herself, the protagonist generally approaches the core of history. 

With Lady Mengjiang’s incarnation in modern society, the film envisions an alternative unscrambling to confront the recalcitrant repetition whilst imagining a female agency capable of infiltrating the myth. By interrogating Mengjiang’s representation in myth, the film investigates the possibilities for the protagonist to retrieve her power without falling into a pre-written fate. 

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